About Staffbooster.

What is it?

WStaffbooster is an executive e-coaching platform which specialises in employee engagement and talent development – with a daily programme consisting of expert coaching guidance and insights, especially put together to improve the mindset, productivity and performance of employees and overall business capability. 

The ultimate goal is to get employees to optimise their self-awareness so they can develop a balanced and strong mindset, enjoy their professional roles and the challenges to be had in them, whilst making a positive contribution towards organisational success, both in the short and long-term.

Employees who feel engaged are proven to not only be more productive and content in their job role, but they are also more loyal to the company and more driven to contribute to overall business success, and this simple but powerful programme helps to ensure that all employees feel engaged and empowered to put their best foot forward. 

What separates it from the rest?

Lack of engagement can be quite difficult to detect. Research data from studies conducted by Deloitte indicates that almost 50% of lost productivity is due to presenteeism, which suggests that a big percentage employees often show up to work and muddle through their jobs, whilst dealing with psychological conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety, which can impair their performance and judgement.

The key differentiator between Staffbooster and any other coaching or training service provider lies in the fact that it doesn’t just give employees access to powerful information that can radically transform their engagement and performance – it is also carefully curated by a certified Executive & Success Coach, and put it in front of them on a daily basis, for convenience and easy cognisance.

The reality is when employees engage in presenteeism and disengage from their roles, they are less likely to perform their duties well and more likely to perform costly mistakes, so prioritising their mindset, as well as mental and emotional well-being – naturally leads to a greater productivity within your organisation.

What is e-coaching?

For those who are not yet familiar with executive e-coaching, it is a form of coaching which uses email as the primary form of communication between coach and coachees – effectively leveraging the power and convenience of this alternative method to bring about positive change within a work environment. It has significant value in its own right as a stand-alone coaching method.

Staffbooster’s e-coaching programme is ongoing and unfolds progressively, advancing step-by-step and moving along the way towards the final objective which is to improve employee engagement, talent development and commitment to business success. 

Also, there is no scheduled “meeting sessions.” Just a continuous cycle, similar to that of building a structure – it is done one brick at a time. The mission is to educate, motivate and inspire your workforce, whilst effectively reducing disengagement through exceptional daily coaching guidance, which is focused on maximising daily and long-term professional growth.

Did you know?

At least half of UK workers are actively engaging in presenteeism – whether that’s through the newly coined term “quiet-quitting” or employee disengagement. 

Even though presenteeism and employee turnover caused by work-related stress and lack of motivational support costs UK employers as much as £45bn per year – most UK organisations don’t know how to tackle the ‘engagement problem.’ Lack of engagement often starts with your employees’ mindset and emotional wellbeing. Ask yourself – what is your company doing to address this?

Service benefits.

  • Immediate and powerful e-coaching method.
  • Promotes a focused and engaged daily attitude.
  • Reduces work-related stress and anxiety.
  • Optimised to boost employee motivation,  emotional wellbeing and daily performance. 
  •  Improves job satisfaction and reduces lack of engagement.
  • All coaching content is personally curated  by a certified in-house Executive and Success Coach.
  • Suitable for both office and home based employees.

Things to consider.

  • Poor productivity, presenteeism, and employee turnover caused by a lack of organisational support costs UK employers as much as £45bn per year.
  • Lack of motivation is one of the main contributing factors to loss of productivity and active disengagement in the workplace. 
  • Up to 50% of UK employees show up to work and muddle through their jobs while dealing with psychological conditions such as stress and anxiety which can impair their performance and judgement.

  • This simple yet transformative coaching method is as unique, as it is affordable, and effective at guiding and inspiring employees and businesses towards collective success.

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