About Staffbooster.

Staffbooster was founded by Rui Furtado, our company’s Business Development Director and now certified in both Executive and Life Coaching, who whilst he was working in business development for one the world’s biggest Tech companies, recognised the need for employees to receive daily motivation and expert development advice from their employers.

He understood that providing consistent expert and practical guidance to staff leads to increased productivity, motivation and higher job satisfaction, which led to the creation of Staffbooster – a one-of-a-kind employee engagement service that provides actionable and personalised self-development support to help employees achieve mental and emotional clarity. 

Today, our mission is to transform the rising disengagement and frustration in the UK’s workforce by inspiring and guiding your staff to successfully elevate their mental and emotional fitness, overcome daily challenges, and to thrive in both work and life.

Why choose us?

At Staffbooster, we pride ourselves on being a small, dedicated team that is solely focused on providing an exceptional service to our clients and supporting their staff’s professional and personal development. We also understand the importance of gaining our clients’ trust and rely on it as our primary incentive. Unlike larger coaching organisations that prioritise profits and numbers, we prioritise integrity and customer service, making each and every one of our clients a top priority.

We also offer a unique set of personalised development programs that are tailored to the individual needs and interests of each employee, helping them to cultivate the right mindset and attitude to excel in their roles. And the best part? Our service is delivered right to their fingertips. Having daily access to our guidance and insights will essentially help your teams become more productive, engaged, and fulfilled in their work – without having to lift a finger.

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